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Tram 1650-HC Cb Radio Marine Antenna

1650HC Cb Radio Marine Antenna


Package Quantity: 1

Want to buy cb antenna? The 1650-HC Cb Radio Marine Antenna from Tram is a superb antenna! 1650-HC Cb Radio Marine Antenna is a type of high quality item you can find using the web. For anyone who is thinking about purchasing this product, you've come to the right spot. We provide you special savings for this great product with protected transaction. I think you will love that the item comes with this feature, 17-ft rg-58 cable with pl-259 connector installed. Other features consist of no-ground plane, 3-ft, top-load fiberglass whip and leveling plate. It's 3.75"H x 36.5"L x 6.13"W. It weighs something like 1.75 lbs. 1650-hc cb radio marine .


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