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Firestik 4FEET Kw Series Cb ANTENNA-400 Watts White Hi-performance Loading Coil Copper Wire

4FEET Kw Series Cb ANTENNA400 Watts


Package Quantity: 1

Shopping around for a cb antenna? The 4FEET Kw Series Cb ANTENNA400 Watts is a brilliant cb antenna. I actually loved that it had the feature of 4' kw series cb antenna - 400 watts white. Other highlights include things like hi-performance loading coil, requires fine tuning (swr). and 5/8 wave length design rated 400 watts. The part number for this smart antenna is KWB32114-4WH. For additional details on this antenna, visit our store link below.

3/8"x 24 Threaded Base with Tapered Contact End. Static Reducing, Water-Tight Sleeve Containing UV and Pigment Stabilizers. Custom Blended, Glass Fiber Reinforced Shaft. 100% American Made with 100% American Materials. Wound with Heavy Insulated Copper Wire.


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