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Ant Scanners Bnc Conn

Ant Scanners Bnc Conn


Package Quantity: 1

The Ant Scanners Bnc Conn brought to you by Uniden is a fantastic antenna for the automobile. The Ant Scanners Bnc Conn happens to be an example of high quality item you can get on the web. For those who are looking to acquire a cb antenna, you have come to the ideal place. We supply you special deals with this fantastic product with safe purchase. The cb antenna has a weight of 0.1 lbs. Save on the ant scanners bnc conn . To learn more about this antenna, visit the add to shopping cart button.

BNC Right Angle with Telescoping Antenna. Satisfaction ensured. Top quality components. For Models BC340/BC370/BC350C/BCT8/BCT15/BCD996T.


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