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Fire Stik K4-8R9 Coaxial Cable Assembly W/low-profile Fire-ring And Stud

Fire Stik K48R9 Coaxial Cable Assembly


Package Quantity: 1

Fire Stik K4-8R9 Coaxial is an example of top quality item you can aquire out there. In case you are looking to acquire this cb antenna, you've come to the perfect place. We offer you exclusive savings just for this good antenna with secure transaction. 0040293151645 is the bar code for this antenna. Searching for Fire Stik K4-8R9 Coaxial .

Now you can have our high quality Fire-Flex coax, with the greatest mount termination on the market, total using the antenna stud mount. Readily available with 9' (2. The Fire Ring may be installed below the mount surface or on leading of the mount surface The small amount of room that the"Fire-Ring"utilizes make it the perfect choice for use beneath headliners or installations where space is limited. 5m) lengths of high good quality coax all in one nice package. The"Fire-Ring"connector is weatherproof, low-profile and easy to install. 7m) or 18' (5. The stud mount hardware is made from stainless steel. If you use a standard stud mount on the Fire-Ring connector you will come up 4 or 5 threads brief of a secure installation! The design from the coax termination needs a longer bolt to properly secure the antenna stud.


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