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Firestik K-8R18 Fire-flex ® Single Antenna Coax With PL-259/FIRERING Termination

K-8R18 Fire-flex ® Single Antenna5 Star Rating
K8R18 Fireflex 174 Single Antenna
Best Price K-8R18 Fire-flex On The Internet Made By Firestik

Bar Code# 716414200584. The color for the cb antenna is black. Are you thinking about buying the K-8R18 Fire-flex Single Antenna and you are simply looking for the best price for this? Perhaps would like to know the views of other customers before you buy? In this case then you are in the right spot. Best price K-8R18 Fire-flex Single Antenna , add to cart by clicking on the link below.

What's the best K-8R18 Fire-flex ® Single Antenna? firestik fire-flex single antenna coax termination

Discount Price: $19.99
Publisher: Firestik
UPC: 716414200584
Color: Black

Product Description

Cable model specific information: The 9-foot version (K-8R9) is completly finished. A 1. The supplied PL-connector features a special thread that enables it to be very easily twisted unto the cable to accomplish the required ground connection. 25"stainless steel 3/8"-24 bolt in included for attachment to existing antenna stud mounts that typically use a shorter bolt. The radio/PL-259 finish of the coax is pre-proceesed at the factory for easy installation from the supplied PL-259 connector. This cable also includes the longer bolt as well as 1 grommet to safeguard the cable when routed through a drilled hole (extra grommets are accessible in our grommet assortment A cable clamp is also included to [optionally] secure the cable in place. This allows the cable can be routed by means of a much smaller space/hole. The center lead of the coax must be soldered towards the PL-259 center pin right after installed. The 18-foot version (K-8R18) is supplied with out the PL-259 connector installed. Both the Fire Ring along with the PL-259 connector (the standard coax to CB radio connector) is installed and encapsulated with molded stress reliefs.

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