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Firestik KW6-B Original 6 Ft. Antenna -black

KW6B Original 6 Ft Antenna


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Often you'll get more affordable prices by ordering on the net than you might in actual stores. Purchasing antennas for the automobile? Look into the KW6-B Original 6 Ft. Antenna brought to you by Firestik! The KW6-B Original 6 Ft. Antenna is definitely an example of top quality cb antenna you can buy over the internet. If you are thinking of buying a cb antenna, you have come to the perfect place. We supply you special promotions just for this product with secure purchase. Brand new KW6-B Original 6 Ft. Antenna .

The most popular wire-wound CB antenna inside the globe. Like all CB antennas, the"KW"antennas require fine-tuning (SWR) in their final mounting place. Each is wound with heavy insulated copper wire to stop the oxidation and shorted windings often identified on non-Firestik antennas. The"KW"antennas are compatible with autos, trucks, vans, motorcycles and ATV's inside a single antenna configuration when metallic ground plane is available. The"KW"antennas are 100% American designed with 100% American materials. Each antenna is covered with a static reducing, water-tight sleeve containing UV and pigment stabilizers. The 3/8"-24 threaded base has a tapered get in touch with point that functions especially well with Firestik mounts and accessories. Apart from the hi-performance loading coil that maximizes the transmit/receive functions of your CB, these top-loaded antennas will also receive the NOAA emergency weather alert and national weather broadcasts for radios with those features. All"KW"antennas exceed the requirements of any CB radio, new or old. This could be the original Firestik design, as correctly as a proven performer since 1975. Or, they could be utilized in dual (co-phased) configuration on any car created from any sort of material. The tapered"lug-nut"effect transfers stress away from the threads and reduces the possibility of vibration induced loosening from the antenna in its mount. The loading coil on all"KW"antennas is easily accessable for precise SWR adjustments. To preserve a balance between flexibility and ruggedness, we use a custom blended, glass fiber reinforced shaft.


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