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Pro Comm JBC200R Red Fiberglass 2 Foot Cb Antenna

Pro Comm JBC200R Red Fiberglass 2 Foot


Color: Red
Package Quantity: 1

Often you'll get more affordable prices by ordering on the web than you'd probably in real shops. The Pro Comm JBC200R Red Fiberglass 2 Foot makes a great antenna for your vehicle. A list of feature attributes include made in usa, red cb antenna, 20 ga copper wire and 2 foot fiberglass. The color for these cb antennas is red. The antenna is 1"H x 29"L x 1"W. It has a weight of 1 lbs. To buy this product now at the cheapest price, visit our partners via the link.

JBC200 2' Bull Dog Fiberglass CB Antennas Bull Dog 5/16"Fiberglass whips rated at 750 Watts. Available in Black White and Red Made in the U. S. A. Top loaded 1/4 Wave Helically Wound Antenna. Factory Tuned-Field Adjustable. 20 Gauge Copper Wire.


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