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Hustler QD-2 Antenna Quick Disconnect - Stainless Steel !

QD-2 Antenna Quick Disconnect5 Star Rating
QD2 Antenna Quick Disconnect
Best Deal On Hustler QD-2 Antenna Quick Disconnect - Stainless Steel!

The QD-2 Antenna Quick - a great product by Hustler is the right antenna. I believe you will like that the item comes along with quick disconnect for ham radio and cb antennas!. Other highlights include things like for 3/8-24 base thread antennas! and stainless steel and heavy duty!. To ensure your purchase goes well and everyone comes out satisfied, I'll offer some recommendations prior to buying this cb antenna. Therefore you may not be dissatisfied after buying it and in accordance with the product you require. You will also find cost comparisons from retailers which I found, so that you actually receive the best value currently with this wonderful item. Best deal on QD-2 Antenna Quick .

How much does the QD-2 Antenna Quick Disconnect cost? hustler antenna quick disconnect stainless steel

Discount Price: $22.15
Publisher: Hustler
Model: QD-2
  • For 3/8-24 base thread antennas!
  • Stainless Steel and Heavy Duty!
  • Quick Disconnect for Ham Radio and CB antennas!
  • Units: 1
  • Package: 3 lbs.

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